Rams vs Seahawks

Rams vs Seahawks: The Los Angeles Rams are seeking their first 5-0 start in 17 years, but the Seattle Seahawks are the only team standing in their way. With their first of two meetings coming on Sunday, the Rams should have a chance to grab their fifth straight win.

There aren’t many concerns facing Los Angeles, but here are the three biggest.

Russell Wilson’s magic
If there’s one thing the Rams have to be worried about, it’s Wilson making extraordinary plays outside the pocket. He’s often at his best when playing outside the structure of the play call, making things happen after the initial play breaks down and he eludes the rush. That’s typically when Seattle’s biggest plays happen, which the Rams have to be wary of.

Having great pass rushers up front certainly helps, but Wilson is like Houdini in the pocket. He can slip sacks with the best of them, direct traffic downfield and throw a 40-yard bomb to a receiver who lost his coverage man. The Seahawks will have trouble consistently marching down the field, but if they can make big plays here and there, it’ll mask their inefficiency on offense.

Losing Aqib Talib was a big blow, even as good as Marcus Peters and Nickell Robey-Coleman are. The combination of him and Peters gave opposing quarterbacks no easy throws on the outside, but with Talib gone, things aren’t as difficult. That’s not a knock on the play of Shields, but he’s not the lockdown cover man that Talib is, and the Vikings took advantage of that last week.